Dowel Tilters

Dowel tilters equipped with dual-effect piston mechanisms

: Dowel Tilters
Dowel Tilters
Dowel Tilters

Motorman designs and manufactures tunnel segment tilters equipped with dual-effect piston mechanisms. Capacities up to 12 t. Dimensions to be determined in each case depending on customer’s needs. Once the tunnel segments are removed from the moulds, the tilting equipment rotates the piece 180º to prepare it for stockpiling or loading onto a lorry. Additionally, the equipment can also be installed on rails to allow it to be moved to different locations for use.

Electrical part

  •  Electrical part totally protected under sheathed tube.
  •  All cables are grouped on a circuit board placed on the inside part of the tilter.


  • Capacities to consult.
  • Type of control: Electrohydraulic.
  • Supply voltage: 380 V. 50Hz
  • Drive voltage: 24 V, 50Hz.
  • Tilt speed: 90º/30s.
  • Engine power: 5Kw.
  • Compliance with standards FEM Ed 1987-54 (class A7M8).
  • Equivalent to DIN H3/B5.
  • Paint To be determined.

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