Filo-guided cars

Guided through adhesive strip, paint or induction.

: Transfer trolleys
Filo-guided cars
Filo-guided cars

Motorized filo-guided cars with support for one or more coils, or flat surface for matrix transport. Unlimited capacities (as per client's requests).

This kind of device requires a guide through an adhesive strip, paint or induction placed on floor. 

The transportaton cars incorporate sensors for the correct reading of the marked path.

Design and production of our motorized filo-guided transfer cars are custom made as per client's especifications. 


Technical characteristics: 

  • Power supply through batteries ( to determine depending on the necessary autonomy).
  • Manouvre through radio control equipment or cable push-bottom box.
  • It incorporates a readying sensor of the path market on floor through an adhesive strip, paint, induction... 
  • Dimensions adaptable to the necessary application. 
  • Capacity, velocity and power variable depending on the type of application and material to handle. 
  • Electrical part totally protected under sheathed tube, cable mounted on a catenary and grouped on a circuit board.
  • Produced under the most estrict security normative
  • Includes accousting-lighting devices and emergency stops distributed according to each particular design.
  • It allows the possibility to incorporate PLC to program various stops on its path.

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