Pressure meter MP-6000

Digital electronic dynamometer specially designed for pressure measuring

Pressure meter MP-6000
Pressure meter MP-6000

Electronic digital press meter specially designed to verify the doors of the buses, lifters… Its reading is expressed in Newtons. This dynamometer is completely autonomous and very light. It incorporates 4 LCD digits of 16 mm height. Functions of on-off on the front side through tactile puss button.

Our press meters have an indication of maximum peak for easy reading , even though if the pressure disappears. Additionally it also incorporates the reading of the highest maintained peak. It is powered through disposable batteries. These electronic dynamometers have an approximate autonomy of 100 hours and a conversion velocity of 100 readings /sec. Pressure 600 N, divisions 1 N.

It is also possible to incorporate an RS-232 C output.



Pressure meter MP-6000 Pressure meter MP-6000 Pressure meter MP-6000

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