LCE 6002/X load limiter

Overload limiter to prevent overloads on cranes with one or two hoists.

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LCE 6002/X load limiter
LCE 6002/X load limiter

The model LCE 6002/X overload limiter has been designed to prevent overloads that usually happen on cranes, overload cranes, good's lifts, lifts, elevators, etc.

This load limiter can be used to avoid overloads on overhead cranes with one or two hoists.

Overloads are dangerous and can damage equipments because the operators never know if they have lifted higher loads than the allowed. LCE 6002/X overload limiters avoid accidents and reduce maintenance costs.

This overload limiter prevents accidents due to overload on cranes. Our electronic overload limiter practically does not require assembly and its installation is fast and easy.  These electromechanical overload limiters have to receive a signal of the load cell.


Technical characteristics of electronic load limiter LCE 6002-X

  • Electronic load limiter to avoid overload on cranes.
  • Ready to receive signal from the cell or pin.
  • Provided of three contact relays commuted for three alarm limits to configure.
  • Power supply 48V-220V c.a. DIN rail assembling.
  • Interface with the user through LCD alphanumeric display, 5 LED indicators, accoustic signs and 3 buttons.
  • Working temperature -10ºC a +60ºC.
  • Interconnection through RS-485 with another units when limiting two crane hoist is needed, taking into account limits for hoist and total add.
  • Connection to a load display repeater (optional).
  • Analogical output to 0...10V pr 4...20mA output (optional).

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