Mechanical Grab

Mechanical system for lifting tunnel segments.

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Mechanical Grab
Mechanical Grab

Our fully mechanical tong for handling tunnel segments enables the hitching and transportation of pieces without any additional energy supply, achieving to simplify the loading manipulation's process. This mechanical grab for handling tunnel segments is made up by 2 legs which open and close upon a structure. In order to adapt the tunnel's segments size and radius, the inferior part and height of these legs are designed according to customers’ requirements. Opening and closing operations are mechanically performed.

The structure has an automatic grip-release system. The mechanical grab may be hanging of one or two hooks of the crane.

The estructure has an automatic grip-release system. The tong can be lifted from one or two hooks of the crane. 

Capacities and designs are made as per number of tunnel segments to be handled

All our equipments are designed and produced respecting strictly security normative and to facilitate the maintenance works such as the replacing of elements due to wearing. 


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