Weighing hook blocks

Weighing snatch blocks / hoists with weight tailor-made as per client’s requirements.

Weighing hook blocks
Weighing hook blocks

Our weighing hook blocks/ weighing snatch blocks are produced respecting to the maximum the original characteristics of the crane hoist … (sheaves measures, distances between sheaves, cable diameter, hook characteristics…). With this we get a weighing system really accurate and with a minimum height lost.

The weighing hook is designed as per highest strict security normatives.

Our weighing hook blocks incorporate a display placed between the sheaves, its dimension will depend on the distance between pulleys available in each case.

This system can be adaptable to any capacity and crane execution.

Our hook blocks enable any type of communication such as via radio to our wide range of displays available , via wifi, Ethernet …. to devices from the client.


Technical characteristics

  • 5 digits LCD of 26/60 mm height (to determine according to the distance between pulleys).
  • Power supply trough rechargeable battery
  • 3.000 divisions
  • Accuracy /- 0,1 %
  • Working temperature - 10 º C to 40 º C.
  • Weight unit indicator in kg or Lb.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Low battery message.
  • Breaking strentgh > 500 % of nominal capacity.
  • Programable automatic self-disconnection.
  • Infrared remote control with Tara-off, adding memory, totalizer and eraser.


  • Foundry protection
  • RS-232 -C communication to connect a PC.
  • Transmission of weight through radio to external displays.
  • Transmission to tailor-made solutions ( 4…20 mA, 0..10 V.,PLC, PROFIBUS, etc.)

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