Motorman's history

Motorman S.A., since its foundation more than three decades ago, has aimed to combine technology at the highest international level with a demanding service to our customers.


Our departments are in continuous evolution to develop new products and to improve upon the existing ones, as well as adapting them to the particular needs of our clients, giving fast solutions to their problems.

Motorman S.A. mainly incises on all the applications derived from lifting and handling with especial importance to all regarding to weighing systems as weighing hooks for cranes (highlighting that Motorman is the first and unique Spanish company that has homologated weighing hooks), weighing hook blocks for cranes, mechanical and electronic overload limiters, load cells, all kind of displays and custom-fitted applications for each case.

On the field of handling big loads, we have to make a reference to the importance of products as our weighing hook blocks or grabs for handling coils, with the possibility of adding a motorized hook or weight, the C hooks with capacities as per customer’s needs and other important products as car transfer for the transport of all kind of loads (coils, die mold, steel sheets…), these can be produced powered supplied with cable reel, autonomous (with batteries) and filo-guided. Coils turning devices, load rotators, all type of spreaders…