Autonomous electromagnets

Handling and manipulating pieces

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Autonomous electromagnets
Autonomous electromagnets

Autonomous electromagnet especially designed for the handling and maintenance of pieces with a weight up to 2.000 Kg. Our magnets allow to manipulate concrete pieces handling them with total security as they only depend on a battery and therefore the load cannot be detached  as a result of current cut-off. Upon the magnetic circuit, it is assembled a strong metallic case, in which the necessary elements are connected so that the electromagnet can correctly operate avoiding any breakdown.

Autonomous electromagnet model NRB is generally used to operate on different shaped pieces at mechanical workshops, workshops with assembly chains, die-casting, stores, and in general, all industries dealing with pieces unitarily.

The specified detachment forces are just a guide, depending on the state of the surfaces of the pieces to be operated, such as oxide, burr, undulations, etc.



Autonomous electromagnets Autonomous electromagnets Autonomous electromagnets Autonomous electromagnets

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