IP-60 Display

Display with LED digits of 60 mm height.

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IP-60 Display
IP-60 Display

Display with LED digits with 60 mm of height, with the functions ON/OFF/TARE/SUM/ ERASE/TOTAL through infrared remote control. Its luminosity makes this display visible from large distances.

This kind of crane display has been thought to be connected to our weighing system through a cable or via radio.

Our electronic display has a light aluminium structure to make easier its installation. 

Technical characteristics of IP-60 Display

  • Power supply 48V...220V AC.
  • Working temperature -20ºC a +60ºC.
  • Protection IP55.
  • LED digits of 60 mm height.
  • Aluminium lightweight structure.
  • Includes infrared remote control for TARE function. 



IP-60 Display

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