DIN-40M load limiter

Mechanical load limiter for cranes designed to prevent overloads.

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DIN-40M load limiter
DIN-40M load limiter

The model DIN-40M overload limiter for cranes has been designed to prevent overloads that usually happen on cranes, overhead cranes, lifts, elevators, fork-lifts, etc.

Overloads are dangerous and can damage equipments because the operators never know if they have lifted higher loads to the allowed. DIN-40M overload limiters avoid accidents and reduce maintenance costs.

This overload limiter prevents accidents due to the overload on cranes. Our mechanical overload limiter practically does not require assembly and its installation is fast and easy. These electromechanical overload limiters are placed on the superior part of the cable or on the fixed point. They can also be placed on one of the sides of the compensating pulley.


- Possibility to incorporate an additional second micro.

- IP-67 protection for extreme environment.

Technical characteristics of electronic load limiter DIN-40M

  • Load limiter with flexible body of steel resistant to the strong solicitations.
  • Perfect for free air installations: IP67.
  • Limited working temperature -30ºC +60ºC.
  • Overload resistance superior to the 300% of the max vaule of the load.
  • Break coeficient 500% of the nominal load.
  • Accuracy +/- 1%.
  • Microswitch 4A 250V AC
  • For cable diameters from 5 to 31 mm. Diameters to specify on the order. 
  • Small dimensions and quick installation without cable interruption.
  • Provided tared to the requested load.
  • Max. capacity: 8.500 Kg.


DIN-40M load limiter

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